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Camp Director’s Assistant Openings

Senior / Ambassador scouts only- February 12th DEADLINE for applications is approaching- please send them in as soon as possible!!!!

New Day Camp Volunteer Positions!

Camp DA’s (Directors Assistants)

Requirements: Must have been a Day Camp Junior Counselor for 2 years. You must submit an application.

 DA’s applications will be reviewed and evaluated by a group of leaders.

 There will be approximately 6-8 scouts chosen.

Responsibilities: DA’s will work directly with camp directors to develop 1 to 2 stations. They will be responsible to train the Junior Counselors at camp on how to run their station. They will need to oversee that all supplies needed to run their station get there ahead of time and are cleaned up and returned to the lodge after. They will need to work with JC’s to come up with time filling activities if needed. You may not get to work directly with your friends during camp hours, or if you do you must be able to lead them. 

If interested- please fill out the application document and send it to Ann Szurley.

If you have any questions or need the application document, contact me via email

Thank you.